for piano


Auchenorrhyncha - the title of this piano piece - obviously derives from the zoological name of a certain type of cricket and thus seems to be at least one of the basic creative ideas of the piece, even if not directly the programme: between quiet passages that seem almost like row expositions, rapid, almost hectic and shadowy sound figures flash up again and again, which in turn associate both the chirping of the crickets and the regular, brief flash of the exotic insect in its opalescent play of colours. On the other hand, the rather calm areas, flowing in long note values, sometimes almost stagnating, form the frame story, so to speak, which formally holds the whole together. Walker shows the contrasting juxtaposition not only as an inspired observer of nature, but also as a composer who, completely relaxed, reinterprets various current and traditional musical influences from Debussy to Schönberg to Satie and is able to combine them into such a refreshing melange as only an American can.

Martin Schmeck



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