The Idea

We are a music publishing company for contemporary serious music with a radical new publishing and distribution concept. 

Music publishing is currently strong in transition: The dissemination of music in the form of printed and sold notes is rapidly declining. Due to the technical possibilities of digital distribution in the near future probably only a few music notes will go in traditional paper form "over the counter".

Our publishing concept is to offer the works of our composers free to download from our website to save storage and transport costs. 

Yes – you heard right: It is strongly encouraged that you as our customer to download the notes from our website totally free and without any hidden charges!

Now you're probably wondering how it is possible for us, to offer our notes permanently free of charge to you? If you perform the compositions, we achieve a high degree of dissemination of the works for our composers. Our royalties we exclusively receive from the copyright in performances, broadcasts or recordings that we pass on a pro rata basis to our composers.

The sheet music you'll find on our website is absolutely free for you. This doesn’t mean that there are no copyrights on this music, but you may use this music for example to study it, to perform it, to print it, to save it on your computer, website etc. or you may even give it to your musical friends with no additional fee.

There are only three simple things you have to keep in mind if you use this music:

  • Do not modify the PDF's. Keep them as they are.
  • Do not sell the PDF's or prints of the PDF's. Give them away for free only.
  • We would appreciate if you perform our music. Then just drop us a short note where and when you performed it. Please write to info(at)

That’s all!

Thank you and have fun with the music.
Schmeck & Wingerter