Three Psalms for baritone and piano or organ


Here Ridil sets Psalms 4, 42 and 129 to music as sacred songs for baritone and piano, which he compiles into a song cycle. This is a special feature, at least among the psalm settings, where one usually expects a motet, for example, perhaps also a work for choir and orchestra or the like, but Ridil goes his own way with this formally rather atypical translation of the text.

The three texts, which clearly contrast in mood, are mostly freely recited, although with a special focus on the archaic way of psalmodizing; in some particularly exposed passages, the dramaturgical course is also melismatically traced in ligatures and even coloraturas.

The accompaniment part also supports and comments on the text and the composer has expressly set it up in such a way that, depending on the occasion and local conditions, it can easily be performed on the organ instead of the piano.

Martin Schmeck

Sound Example

Note: The sound files are intended for experienced musicians and orchestra leaders to get a first impression of the style of a composition. Synthetic sound generators, which do not aim to satisfy audiophile demands of a music consumer, were used as a basis.


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