Dunkle Duos


Instrumentation: Cello / Bassoon; duration 10 min.

Duets for two deep or even “dark” instruments are undoubtedly among the rarities in chamber music repertoire. If this is especially true for the cello and bassoon, this is especially true, as even connoisseurs in this field may spontaneously come to mind only Mozart's rarely played B-flat major sonata KV 292. In any case, with Ridil’s “Dunkle Duos” “The Classic” has a modern sister work in the repertoire.

While in Mozart’s work the bassoon part is clearly in the foreground in terms of virtuosity compared to the cello part, which is rather simple, almost like a supportive continuo, Ridil's two parts are perfectly equal in the degree of their virtuosity. Behind the four individual duos, each with a programmatic headline, a closer look reveals a single work in a classic four-movement structure. In this case, two fast movements frame a slow movement and a scherzo with trio. An elegiac, “brooding” tone in the central slow movement is contrasted with the rhythmically refined, dance-like outer movements and the breathtaking “skittering” 3rd movement.

In any case, Ridil’s “Dunkle Duos” are a playful, wonderfully refreshing contribution to the contemporary duo repertoire.

Martin Schmeck


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